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Award Winning Entrepreneur

  • Chief People Officer & Culture
  • Executive Team & BOD Advisor
  • Workplace Data Analytics
  • Creator of Winning Teams Win™
  • Executive Coach/Speaker/Master Facilitator

Ready to engage in a transformational partnership with Cathy? Please contact: 408.497.1512 [email protected]

Cathy is an organizational consultant, a respected entrepreneur and a dynamic speaker with an engaging personality, known for the passion and rigor she brings to her work. She has helped countless global Corporate clients achieve measurable business results by helping them transform their workplace culture and build teams that are aligned and perform as One Team.

She is recognized for introducing a powerful, metrics-driven roadmap for driving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace that enables leaders to identify opportunities for improvement, elevate conversations around diversity and inspire real change.

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Women In Cloud

2020 Microsoft Women In Cloud (WIC) Recognition


As a respected Business & Crisis Leadership Fixer, she’ll focus on the balance of the business and workplace. Working alongside VC and PE backed companies who need to reset and rebuild a portfolio firm(s), Cathy will hit the ground running to focus on her 3-R’s: Reset, Refocus, Re-energize. Whether a functional team, or a company-wide organizational change, she engages with only a few selected companies where her skill-set can create impact and immediate short-term wins!

Cathy’s diverse experience and unique abilities continue to prove invaluable to her discerning partners. The key element that unifies Cathy’s workplace endeavors is her commitment to developing people while building inclusive workspaces and cultures that inspire and engage C-level management and employees alike. Open, honest communications that identify core challenges and opportunities, as well as a spirit for authentic partnerships are at the heart of her personality. Cathy enthusiastically leads her clients to recognize their organizations as workplace communities first, corporations second. Through this lens, engagements experience a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture, which results in greater generational business growth.

Recognizing that inspiring real cultural shifts requires engaged employees at all levels within an organization, you'll see her engage with all levels, a unique skill-level relatable to all.


Helping organizations navigate through changing trends and challenges, Cathy's knowledge and insights learned from corporate and her own company experiences are what differentiate the value-add she brings to mid-market and enterprise companies.